Plague Inc Premium MOD APK v1.16.3 Unlocked & Unlimited DNA

Plague Inc MOD apk is a fascinating and addictive game which is developed by Miniclip. Someone who wants to know and check scoundrel character if the player has inside then this game is an option. In this game, you have to play the role of villain to affect humanity by producing deadly germs in the form of bacteria, viruses, and parasites. This process continues until the whole world comes under your infectious diseases and germs. In this way, you will be the boss of the world and decide who lives on this planet.

Plague Inc MOD apk

But you will face the challenges of interruption from people, governments, scientists, and research laboratories as all these resources try to find antidotes against your microbes. Therefore, you have to use your better planning to make enhancements in microbes against drug research. It has the option of 12 different diseases to spread.

The game has three different levels easy, medium, hard. Each level relates to the awareness of mankind. In easy mode, people do not care about their hygiene, and scientists and doctors pay no focussed attention to research. The medium level has moderate responsiveness from people and research laboratories.

On the other hand, the hard level has a high level of research from laboratories and people have more awareness and take care of their hygiene to a great extent. Therefore, you have to be so good to play the hard level and needs better planning and production of deadly viruses.

Download Plague Inc  MOD APK:

NamePlague Inc Premium MOD APK
MOD Features


Plague Inc gameplay is easy and has simple controls to play, but you have to be good at planning things for microbes. In this game, you will collect DNA from the map, and by using these stats and data you have to make and enhance your pathogens. Respiration, contact with animals, and other spreading germ methods are available in the game to spread your lethal viruses. In the end, you can be the boss of this world by planning and spreading your microbes to destroy.


  • Explore scoundrel side of your character
  • Be the boss of the world
  • Production of fatal pathogens
  • Spread different diseases
  • Improved strategic mind
  • Lethal methods to spread germs
  • Usage of DNA stats and data to produce microbes
  • User-friendly interface to play
  • Amazing graphics

How to Install Plague Inc MOD apk

  1. Allow third-party apps installation from Security settings on your android device
  2. Open your Chrome or another browser that you have
  3. Search this apk file on browser
  4. Download and start installation on clicking Install
  5. Open installed game and have fun by playing


The game has an excellent simulation-style, simple controls and user-friendly interface to play. Beautiful graphics that will attract you to play. This mod apk has a massive number of downloads on Play Store. If you want to be the boss of the world by exploring the devil inside you then it is an excellent option to get that feeling. So, you should give a try and would love to play for sure.


Q. How to download this game?

Answer: You can download it by using the above link for a better experience.

Q. What is the latest updated version for the game?

Answer: 1.16.3 is an updated version.

Q. What is the learning curve of the game?

Answer: You can learn and improve strategic mind abilities by playing the game.

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